Vanessa Hall

Vanessa’s life is a story of trust and betrayal. Despite ongoing challenges and setbacks in elevating trust as the key to relationships and interactions in business, family and community, Vanessa has proven time and time again her resilience and determination to playing a role in transformation through trust. She describes herself not as an expert but as a fellow traveler, constantly learning, observing and exploring trust and its betrayal on every level.

Triggered by an epiphany from her son, Lachlan, a long career in Compliance and Risk Management in Financial Services, studied in both Business and Theology, Vanessa has now traveled the world for the past decade seeing, hearing and experiencing trust and its abuse whilst delivering her powerful message of trust and truth. Vanessa has a unique ability to engage world and business leaders at the highest levels, and grassroots communities and the most vulnerable in society with the same message – that trust is a dichotomy, it is both fragile and powerful, and in understanding that we must trust truth, humanity has access to the secret that is hidden in plain sight, the key to unlock both the peace and the power we seek.

Award-winning Author
Conference speaker
Roundtable facilitator
Trust advisor

She lives in Melbourne, Australia, is originally from Sydney, Australia,
and considers herself a global citizen.


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Comfort or Growth: Can we have both?

What is our obsession with being comfortable and having comforts?

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The Truth about Trust in Business

How to Enrich the Bottom Line, Improve Retention, and Build Valuable Relationships for Success.

by Vanessa Hall

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Vanessa has impacted people from multiple industries and across the globe from organisations such as these


Vanessa's Impact

This has changed my way of thinking, and this has great potential for my family, my society, my country.

Soro- Tanzania

I am touched by the process of trust, simple but profound. Thank you for what you have done to my life, Vanessa.

Francis- Nigeria

It was like a light was turned on in a darkened room.

Rob- South Africa

We saw a significant improvement in our bottom line, our staff retention, and the cooperation between teams as a result of Vanessa’s trust building programs.

Alison- Sydney

This has been one of the most profound and important seminars I have ever attended.

Gordon- London

Thank you, Vanessa, for opening my eyes to the real world

Sarah- South Africa

Learning ENPs has helped learn to trust again. It was an enormous A-HA moment for me!

ANN- Sydney

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